Grass-fields African Queen Transformation with Mo Chunks


The African Queen Transformations

Grass-fields would like to present Mowa - the talent behind The MoChunks channel on YouTube bringing you the best of lifestyle, fashion, entertainment and relationships for the Black Woman. Being very close to her audience, she often offers advice on dilemmas her followers ask her. We sat down with Mowa to get the inside scoop before transforming her into an African Queen.



What made you become a vlogger?

'I have always wanted to host a talk show. Now I do! My show features fashion segments, amongst other segments, including life, relationships and entertainment. Nevertheless, I’ve always had an eye for fashion – I didn’t always consider myself beautiful but found confidence in dressing well. I use social media to reach my different target audiences; some people prefer videos; others like to read; some like pictures.'


What makes you get up in the morning?

'I have a purpose and lots of tasks to be achieved. I think my drive and passion for learning and growing from people helps me stay positive and strong.'


What do you think influences your style choices?

'I think my style has evolved over the years, as I’ve gotten older and my body has changed as well. The general theme seems to be the need to be comfortable but unique at the same time.'


What culture do you identify yourself as?

'I would say I am British-Nigerian; I’m a bit of both really.'


Do you think African culture has changed from when you were a child?

'I think it hasn’t necessarily changed; people have just modified it to suit their personal tastes and lifestyle. There is seems to be more pride in being African.'


What was your happiest fashion memory growing up?

'Probably when I used to dress up for my birthdays and/ or as a flower girl for people’s weddings. I love events!'


Do you wear African print daily?

'I love it, it describes my heritage without me having to speak. But no, I do not. There is no particular reason, maybe it’s because it’s not the “norm” in the UK. However, I do wear African print to African parties.'


Where do you get your confidence from as a black woman?

'There are many sources of confidence for me. I had to reach deep within to learn to love myself as I grew older; coupled with confidence from God of who I am in him. Then external sources; seeing bold black women killing it in their fields – Oprah Winfrey, Gabrielle Union and Taraji P. Henson, to name a few.'


What is your greatest achievement?

'Graduating from the University of Leicester, with a 1st Class degree in Medical Physiology.'


What is your greatest failure?

'This is a toughie...hmm; I think the failures that hurt me the most were relationship based. They became lessons that I have learnt from in the end.'


Was there ever a time that you felt unattractive?

'Definitely, from like 11 – 14; I didn’t like my face; I thought my nose was too big and nothing was proportional.'


Black-owned businesses are springing up in hair products, make-up and fashion. Why do you think black-owned businesses are suddenly becoming stronger and popular?

'I think it is because more of a spotlight is being shone on them. The various opportunities that are around have made starting a business easier.'







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