5 Of The Best Natural Afro Curly Hair Salons In Maryland USA


What do we look for when we go to a natural hair salon? Comfort, relaxation, a good chit chat about our daily lives (obviously!) and somewhere to run away from our otherwise hectic lives. Most importantly, we want to come out feeling amazing with our newly styled afro hairstyle...which may or may not have got out of hand prior to the visit! 

Sometimes, when visiting a new hair salon, we can come out feeling a little disappointed as it wasn't quite as good as your local, or what you're used to. However, sometimes it can be just the opposite! For instance, a higher quality treatment and at a way better price! With this in mind, if you're living in Maryland or just visiting, here are 5 of the best natural hair salons that are defintiely worth your visit: 


 Zamora Natural Hair Salon


Zamora Natural Hair Salon is an amazing natural hair salon in Maryland that always does a great job in trasnforming damaged hair to make it feel hydrated and amazingly soft. Their services include - but are not limited to - Hair Loss Consultation, Loc Maintenance, Twists, Cornrows, Rod Set, Micro twists, Individual braids, Cuts, up do’s, Wig care, Weaves and loads more! Their staff are always fun and entertaining, making it the perfect place to catch up on what's happening locally. 

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 Fabulocs Natural Hair Salon


Fabulocs Natural Hair Salon specializes in natural hair care. They have stylists that were picked of the highest shelves and use amazing products to rejuvenate your hair. Not only do they work with adults, but they also work with children and offer spa treatments as well. Fabulocs is one of the best in offering this all-round package, and it does not break the bank! Some of their best services include Roller sets, Loc pin up’s, Protective styles, Loos natural styles, extensions.


LocXurious Natural Hair Salon


Locxurious Natural Hair Services provides exquisite styling and natural haircare services. The owner, Lorin Michelle, has 20 years of afro hair styling experience and she is a respected, sought after member of  Maryland haircare community. Lospecializepecialise in Loc maintenance, loc cultivation, natural hair styling and growth retention solutions. Locxurious Natural Hair Services will provide you with some of the best styling, working with your unique style and image you want to present. 

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McHAIR Natural Hair & Wellness Salon

Looking for a mini vacation by just visiting the local hairdresser? Look no further.  McHAIR Natural Hair & Wellness Natural Hair Salon is well known to pamper their clients from the moment they arrive until they leave. They have a wide variety of natural styling options and product usage available, so there's no worry if you want to avoid a product, or try something new! What's more, McHair is also a wellness salon - so it's definitely worth the visit if you're looking for a full pamper session...and who doesn't love that??  

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 N Natural Hair Studio


The N in their name means NDiagne (N-Di-Ag-Nay) which translates to strong hair. With such a creative name, you can just imagine how amazing your hair will look when you visit NNatural Hair Studio in Maryland. They believe that hair is sexy, sassy and forever interesting - to those who love it and to those who don’t! If you love your natural hair and you want the world to know it then you definitely need to make a turn at N Natural Hair Studio, they will definitely transform your hair from dull to amazing! 

Where to Find?
 N Natural Hair Studio


So, you have it, the best of the best without breaking the bank. Relax knowing that your hair is in good hands! 

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