African print of the day with Christelle- 'Stepping Out'


Hi Ladies,

Today I am more than happy to say that I will start blogging my outfit of the day. 

It was not an easy decision as to make as I am quite shy and on top of that a very busy person but I am so excited for this new chapter of my life 😊 

Why did I decide to start blogging? I just wanted to show the different ways in which I personally style Grass-fields clothing. I wear African print nearly every day and people usually compliment how simple yet classy my outfits generally look so I decided to now start to post them online for everyone to appreciate and hopefully you can also easily refer to them later on for inspiration as well.

Here is my African print look for today!

For this particular look, I decided to team it up with a cream blouse we made as a sample a long time ago, statement earrings from Asos and a simple necklace I got last year as a birthday gift.Unfortunately, I don' t know from which brand the necklace is from. 

The African print skirt featured is called the Oasis maxi skirt which will be available this Wednesday! 

Why not check Our full collection of African print skirts! I am sure you will love. 

Comment below and let me know if you want more blogs like these? or is there something I should be doing more 😊

Thank you so much ladies and can't wait to show my look tomorrow. 

Love Christelle xxx


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