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Working at Grass-fields is truly a dream come true. Through our mission to create the best African clothing brand, we have found purpose in our lives and brought opportunities and hope to others.

With such a large-scale vision, we usually work every day including weekends. The glorious thing is that it doesn’t even feel like work anymore, rather a calling. I personally work from both home and in the office, but today I wanted to take you with me on a typical office day!

My day usually begins at 4am. I’ll wake up, read the comments on our Instagram page (I really do love to see them!), and then go through my to-do list for that day to mentally prepare for what’s ahead. I hop in the shower, put on my makeup and leave the house. I take the train to get to work, typically commuting between 6am-9am.

At 9am, we start the day with a meeting with the whole team. We run through highlights of what to expect that week, what needs to be worked on, and any important updates.


Next up is the design team meeting, which is my favourite! I get to approve new designs, give suggestions for improvements, and also try on samples!


I then usually go for lunch, followed by approving more samples and designs. In the afternoon, we’ll usually work on content for our social media, jotting down ideas and planning what we’re going to do next. If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know just how much we love creating content!

Back to the “real” business: it’s time for my meeting with our accounting firm to check our progress. This involves looking at results and seeing if we’re on track to meet our financial goals.

At the end of the day, I’ll approve some more samples. We’re always looking to get new stunning items out to you all!


Usually I’ll stay a little late whilst everyone has gone home. I take this quiet time to clear my emails and prepare for the following day. I’ll get the train home around 7pm, and will arrive back home at about 9:30pm if there are no delays. And so concludes my standard day at the office!

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  • Posted on by Dorothy Odoms
    Dear friends, your day is full and very busy,I want to come there to see all of this AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL work that goes on there at Grass-fields…can you hire me ? I’d love to join the Grass-fields family….I will work for my AFRICAN PRINT Fashions. Yes,yes, just PAY ME IN YOUR AFRICAN CLOTHING. LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT TO HIRE ME. WELL, I BELIEVE IN GRASS-FIELDS MISSION, I BELIEVE IN CREATING JOBS TO EMPOWER THE NEXT GENERATION. I ALSO, BELIEVE IN LOOKING DROP DEAD GORGEOUS AND GLAMOROUS AS IN WEARING GRASS-FIELDS CLOTHING.

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