Are Some Brands Using Black Outrage To Make Profit?


Even if you are not a regular Twitter user, you must be aware of the power of social media outrage. It's nothing new. Controversial columnists have used Twitter and other social media platforms to spread articles, and let outraged people to the work for them. Sometimes it is hard not to see the racial dimension to these sorts of mechanisms. However, more recently, it seems that brands have been involved in the same processes.



Yesterday, Swedish clothing brand H&M apologised after causing shock and outrage by placing a black child model in a hoody that read 'Coolest Monkey in the Jungle'. They took down the offending photo, but not before it had become a trending topic and had prompted several articles. 

The Weeknd announced that he was cutting all ties with them due to their ill-advised photo, a reaction which garnered yet more publicity and awareness. 



H&M is not the only brand to face a social media backlash in recent months or years for moves that have proved offensive. But some are questioning whether these are oversights, or concerted efforts to court outrage in order to generate further awareness. 



Back in October last year, beauty brand Dove was criticised for releasing an advert that appeared to show a black woman turning into a white one after using their body lotion.

Again, there was a social media backlash, the brand apologised, but not without inflaming tensions and tempers yet again.



In both cases, people have debated whether or not these were done intentionally to provoke outrage. As companies with millions of existing customers, some argued that announced boycotts would cause little harm to their bottom line - and the publicity itself could actually increase their sales. Some wondered that such mistakes - if they were indeed unintentional missteps - would have been avoided with more diverse teams involved in decision making.



Of course some people clapped back with satirical images.



 His parents response.

But the question still remains, and this won't be the last time it is asked.

What do you think? Do brands provoke outrage on purpose? Is it just a consequence of not having enough diverse voices?

Let us know what you think in the comments and on Twitter. Let's keep this discussion going.

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    China approves plan to impose Hong Kong security measure law

    China’s parliament approved plans Thursday to impose a security law on Hong Kong that has ratcheted up tensions with the US and sparked new protests over fears the city is losing its special freedoms.

    The vote by the rubber stamp National peoples Congress (NPC) Came hours after the us revoked the special status conferred on Hong Kong, Paving the way for the territory to be stripped of trading and economic rights.

    US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the status had been withdrawn because China was no longer honouring its handover agreement with Britain to russian brides allow Hong Kong a high level of autonomy.

    “No reasonable person can assert today that Hong Kong maintains a high degree of autonomy from China, Pompeo considered that.

    China made the protection law a priority at its annual NPC session, After huge pro democracy protests rocked the financial hub for seven months yr after.

    legal requirements would punish secession, Subversion of suggest power, Terrorism and acts that endanger national safeguarding, As well as allow mainland security agencies to control openly in Hong Kong.

    On saturday, one more day of the congress, Delegates endorsed plans for the law with an almost unanimous vote and serious applause.

    Li Zhanshu the chairman of the NPC Standing Committee can now draft the law said the move was "In line with the usual interests of all Chinese people, using Hong Kong compatriots,

    Hong Kong’s embattled creator, barbara Lam, Said she welcomed the conclusion being passed.

    As needed in the resolution, Lam said she’d submit regular reports to Beijing and "Step up criminal and public education for safeguarding national security,

    But the law has met fierce criticism.

    “it’s the end of Hong Kong. unquestionably cutting off our souls, removing the values which we’ve always embraced, rates like human rights, Democracy, dominate of law, Pro democracy lawmaker Claudia Mo divulged to AFP.

    Joshua Wong, A outstanding pro democracy activist, Told AFP the security law "Will kill Hong Kong’s democratic expressions,

    NPC Standing Committee Vice Chairman Wang Chen said last week that Hong Kong’s delays in implementing its own security law had forced the Chinese leadership to do this.

    US motion

    Under a US law passed last year aimed at promote Hong Kong’s pro democracy movement, new york must certify that Hong Kong still enjoys the promises of freedom made by Beijing when it negotiated with Britain to take back the colony.

    But Beijing’s proposed prevention law “Lies in direct contradiction” With those commitments and put China in violation of its meeting place obligations, The US and Britain said in a joint affirmation with allies Canada and Australia on Thursday.

    A day earlier Washington signalled that the city could lose its trading privileges including lower tariffs than the mainland with our planet’s largest economy.

    US President Donald Trump may ultimately decide which actions to take, Said jake Stilwell, The top State unit official for East Asia.

    He said the us did not want to hurt the people of Hong Kong, installing: "This decision was made by the government in Beijing, as well as never by the US,

    China’s foreign ministry office in the budget hub said Thursday that the US revoking Hong Kong’s special status was "the most barbaric, The most weird and the most shameless,

    Anthem regularions

    Washington’s move came after fresh protests broke out in Hong Kong on Wednesday over another suspect proposed law that criminalises insults to the national anthem.

    Police fired pepper ball rounds at protesters and arrested higher than 300 people, Mostly for banned assembly.

    “It’s to get de facto curfew now, Nathan policies, A abundant pro democracy advocate, shared AFP.

    “I think the government has to realise why people are really angry,

    under the “One rural, Two approaches” Model agreed before its return from Britain to China, Hong Kong is supposed to be guaranteed certain liberties until 2047 that are denied to those on the mainland.

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