Are Destiny's Child Going 'On The Run' Too?


It seems like Beyoncé got a taste for performing with her former bandmates after Coachella's unexpected Destiny's Child comeback. Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams are going to join Jay-Z and Beyoncé on selected dates for their 'On The Run II' tour, according to reports.

“Ladies, y'all want to do it again?”

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Coachella 2018 wasn't the first time Beyoncé got the band back together however. Back in 2013, Destiny's Child came together as part of Beyoncé's half-time show for Super Bowl XLVII, causing a sensation. In 2015, Michelle's former bandmates joined her at the Stellar Awards for a performance of her gospel pop hit 'Say Yes'.

Coming on the heels of an acclaimed Coachella set, and about to head out on her second tour with Jay-Z, it may seem likely that they will run with the success. 

"Beyoncé worked tirelessly on her Coachella headline performance but the crowning moment was her medley with Kelly and Michelle. They really enjoyed working together again after so long and now Bey is keen for them to be part of On The Run II," a source told The Sun.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Destiny's Child's self-titled debut album, so maybe it would be a fitting tribute.

Nothing official from the ladies yet, but we hope this is true! We're here for it!

Can you handle it? Are you excited for Destiny's Child to tour together?

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