Female Fridays: Lorraine Pascale


 If you’re from the UK then you know that Lorraine Pascale is a household name. She's a renowned TV chef and former model known for her dazzling smile and tasty treats. With numerous successful books under her belt and stateside hosting gigs, she's created a name for herself that is adored and respected, but that’s not all she’s been up to.

A snapshot…

Having been a foster child from birth, and then adopted to be put back into care at 8, Lorraine has used her unique story and experience to educate people on the fostering system, in the hopes of encouraging more people to get involved. This led to her being the first appointed Fostering and Adoption Ambassador for the UK in 2014. As part of her work, Lorraine has campaigned for better support to be made available for foster children and their families as well as starring in the BBC documentary ‘Fostering & Me’.

What’s something special that she’s working on?

An active Instagram user, Lorraine’s account is a great resource for anyone wanting to learn more about emotional wellness, another cause close to her heart. She’s touched on topics including toxic friendships and abuse in relationships in bitesize Reels format, making the info easy to digest. We recommend checking it out!

Where can I find her?

@lorrainepascale on Instagram.

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