Grass-Fields x Christiana Collection: The Collection of Love


Being of Liberian descent, collaborating with a black-owned business is not new to Christiana, however, having a collection of her own is completely new. Starting from October 2021 the Grass-Fields team and Christina started coming up with ideas, sketching designs, sampling looks to try to figure out the right patterns to represent Christiana. It was important to her that we capture her heritage, style and divine black femininity.

Christiana is known on IG for her fitness goals but she is also known for her aspirational relationship with her partner that is definitely couple goal worthy being reposted on Black Love Instagram and melanin pages. It was no brainer that their love needed to be included in this collection as well.

How many pieces are in the collection?

This collection has 6 Ankara pieces. It was important to have very fun and sexy pieces in this collection that represents Christiana's personality. It was also important to her to include some pieces for her partner in this collection to symbolise togetherness and have something they can both look back on and be proud of. 

The collection has 5 dresses and 1 two-piece set, all of different styles and patterns. Christiana said, “all these pieces have such a different vibe, I feel like a boss babe in one and super fun and flirty in another - I love the range of this collection.”


Who’s this collection for?

This collection is for anyone who loves Ankara! It's that simple, Ankara's are a staple in African culture known for its vibrant colours and made of 100% cotton fabric. If you enjoy wearing Ankara prints and like getting dressed up this collection is for you. Grass-Field being an inclusive brand has a size ranging from US2/UK6 - US20/UK24.


Is it short girl friendly?

Most definitely, being a petite girl herself this collection needed to be inclusive to everyone, tall, short and in-between. The pieces range between mini and mid-length so everyone shopping can find something they love.


When is the collection available?

This collection will be available on Wednesday 26th at 4pm GMT. If you would like to be notified when the collection is availlable to shop sign up for our newsletter. 


Where can I shop for this collection?

This collection is will be available on on Wednesday 26th at 4pm GMT.


How long is this collection available?

This collection is a limited edition available for pre-order, and will not be restocked when items are sold-out.

Feel free to follow our instagram page for more information on the collection.


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