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Michelle & Christelle


I’ve been a customer since 2015 and love your clothes… when they fit. Sizing has always been and issue as it isn’t consistent. This wouldn’t be such an issue if returns weren’t so difficult. Shipping is expensive already and then to ship back at your expense is such an ordeal. I order significantly less because of the chance the items won’t fit. Also really miss all the beautiful skirts you guys used to make, which I see les and less of. Service has also been very hit or miss…. every time there’s a big sale there’s issues with site crashing, fulfillment etc. I think more people would be understanding if there were prompt, accurate responses to their emails. As I work in customer service for a long time it’s unacceptable for such slow response. You guys have the tools, use them. In this age of social media it’s understandable people see posts for new sales and items and are upset you are posting and not answering emails. Those are two different departments I’m sure but perception is everything

Kat February 17, 2021

I love your brand and what you are doing. The patterns are beautiful. However, I am taller than your models. This has shied me away from purchasing anything. On top of that I’m thin. I don’t want to have to buy a “bigger size” just for it to be long enough. Bigger diversity in sizing, lengths, and rises would be great.
(Honestly this is why I don’t buy from a majority of businesses.)
Thank you for letting us leave comments on your business.

B February 15, 2021

First of all, I love all of your products! The few things I have ordered, are good quality and true to size.
My issue is with your delivery service. My last order took nearly 3 weeks to arrive, with little to no communication. Improving on your customer service, would be an advantage to your business and customer experience.
You also do not offer exchanges/refunds for sale items, which I think is a bit of a shame. This makes it difficult if customers are not happy with an item, alongside your return service being a longer than necessary process.
It would also be beneficial if you offered a free returns service. It is a bit of a hassle if I want to return something, so people may just end up keeping an item they are not happy with. By offering a free return service you are more likely to have repeat custom.

Rebekah February 09, 2021

Thank you for continuing to make stunning clothing that powerfully represents the pride and beauty of our culture. Your commitment to producing quality fashion is admirable. Is there any chance that you will bring back the pants with the wide ruffle that looks like a peplum in the front and extends down the length of the leg? I can’t find the name, but the material was black and white with red designs throughout. Thank you for considering. :)

Angel February 09, 2021

I’m a regular browser and have purchased a few pieces. The prints and the styles is what draws me in every time😃. One thing I think would be a great improvement would be to offer trousers in varying lengths. While I can wear the wide leg trousers I purchased, I’d need to wear them much lower than my waist for them to hit the floor when wearing flats.

Olga February 09, 2021

Let me start with this, I’ve been a Grass Fields customer for a few years now and I love the designs, the different patterns and offering you have. What I would LOVE to see is more jumpsuits and perhaps y’all would consider getting into the swimwear game.

DeeDee February 09, 2021

Love every thing about Grass-Fields the designs and customer service is amazing. I would love to see pajama and robe wear as well as causal wear as well . Is there in way in the description that you can let us know if the clothing items. Have stretch or no stretch since sometimes depending on the customers measurements and shape. They may have to go up or down a size ? .

Schivelle February 09, 2021

I love everything Grassfields. There are so many beautiful designs that compliment a wide variety of body shapes and sizes. The website is really beautiful. Can I say I love how well taken your photos are and because they are , I don’t have to work really hard to guess how items will look on me. Would be even better if the delivery was faster. I would definitely have bought a lot more items if I at least had the option. It would be so nice to see more lining (cotton not silky ) in clothes ( especially figure hugging ones ). Most of the items I got are true to size . others are on the smaller side. It would be amazing to see a bridal and occasion section. Would love to see the glitz, the glam ,the lace the feather fans, the beads, the crowns the sparkles , etc . A lingerie/ swimwear section would also be amazing. Overall I’m really enjoying grassfields which for sure doesn’t feel like a brand, it feels like and experience . Great job . Xx x

Viv February 09, 2021

Thank you for asking for or feedback and ideas
- Product range
I would love for you to introduce some loungewear, I think you are missing a big opportunity here. I personally would love you to introduce joggers that compliment the Africa map sweatshirts.
I would also love to see everyday basics like t-shirts (perhaps a simple white tee with a small Africa map on the right side chest)
- User experience
Please could you remove the duplication in the main menu (you have clothing and also women and men. The clothing is unnecessary, perhaps change it to accessories)
Introduce payment flexibility such as Klarna pay etc
- Fabric technology
Is there a way for you to add some stretch in you fabrics especially for dresses.

Thanks x

Mulenga February 09, 2021

I love your styles and designs. Would love to know if you may incorporate swim wear? It will be great.

Barb February 08, 2021

I have been a loyal purchaser for many years. I love the bold and beautiful fabrics that you use in your designs. My only criticism, as fellow designer/seamstress is the that your sewing/construction needs improvement, and the designs for the last year have not been figure flattering. I hope this helps.

LEJON HUFF February 08, 2021

Hi has you know am massive fan of your website and always promoting your store to every media platform I know. First and foremost, would like to say thank you for such honour in have a plum wrap top in my name. Don’t know if you have other Judite as customer but I felt very honoured. Will buy it to have on my very extended African print collection from you guys.
Second, just have a little request, in the Africa map that you do, could you please include the Sao Tomè and Principe island? It’s a very small island under the belly and under the equator line, beautiful place and where I am from( well I have born in Portugal but all my background is from there). Third and last, I think you could create some small gratifications for your loyal customer, e.g loyalty cards, give some discounts of next order, a head wrap when spending a certain amount, etc. For payments, have you think about in joint platform with easy payments such as, Clearpay, Klarna, Laybuy or even now PayPal in 3? This will encourage more customers to spend more safely in your website.
Keep doing the great job that you guys know how.
All love from your devoted fan and customer.

Judite February 08, 2021

Love your designs! Love the story of how you started your business.
My only wish is that some of your shirt dresses be longer and maybe more fitted. The oversized look isn’t flattering to every body.
Wishing you continued success!

Tracey Marshall February 08, 2021

I LOVE your POSITIVE and inclusive apparel for all women! Not only this, but also your AWESOME usage of colors and patterns! Thank you!

Eme February 08, 2021

I love your clothings they are sooooo beautiful !!! I would love to see you guys produce tunics for women in both midi length and in a long length as well, to the ankles.

Isabelle February 08, 2021

I love your mini-skirts. One of these days I’m going to get one. I just need to make sure my bank account is ready. Also if you could continue making your non-crop too shirts, that would be wonderful. I’m looking for clothes to take to work.

Larissa February 08, 2021

I would like it if you had a distributor in the USA that way shipping cost would be cut down and it’ll be easier to exchange when needed. I’ve brought items which zippers broke on the first try or were just not true to size and I had no choice but to keep it because the whole process takes too long… getting my items takes a while and I surely do not want to get into hassle of sending it back and also paying another shipping fee.

Naima February 08, 2021

Keep on making cute dresses and can you make some dark purple skirts and head wraps?

MS Mercier February 08, 2021

I love your designs so much. Congratulations on all your success. Have you ever thought of extending your plus sizes?
Realistically, size 24 is mostly sold out, it always seems to be the first to go, in everything…. which is why I’ve never been actually able to purchase from your website, not even once. Every time I see something I like on Instagram or via l email, by the time I’ve gone to go and purchase, the 2 largest sizes are often sold out.
So there is a demand for it, its not as if no-one is that size.
Secondly, if you one is a true size 24, but has a larger chest or behind as many black women are well endowed, I’ve seen from reviews that the size 24 actually runs very small…. Hence my suggestion that you consider extending your plus sizes, either go larger or offer a Curvy fit…. Something. Even made to order or for an extra cost if it is the only way.
As a plus size influencer who has mentioned you on my blog etc before, I would love to shop with more confidence.
All the best!

Tara February 07, 2021

First time ordering & many Items were out of stock in my size 10/12 UK, therefore I tried a size 6 swing top which was perfect & a size 8 dress which was very small. Received a refund for the dress, great efficient, friendly, customer service.
Love my plum headwrap lovely quality material. Will definitely be ordering more stuff. Thanks guys.

Cheryl Delsol February 07, 2021


Thank you. Great job I love the website and the designs. My only comments are : it would be great to have a Petite range. It is specially relevant for maxi items such as maxi dresses/ skirts/ kaftans/ long kimonos. I might be wrong but I haven’t seen petite women modelling the clothes. Loving the fact they there are Plus size women featured but don’t forget us lot who are 5.0 and under :)
Also when a pattern is available across different ranges ( kids, men, women) it would be great to have all the « family/his and her «  items grouped together to avoid us navigating the women section then the kids, then the men to find matching items.

Thank you

Jo February 07, 2021

I have nothing to say… I love all your designs, everything is always right for me. You give us sales time to time, orders are always delivered on time you always give us new amazing styles. You also have a charity you support .You guys are just amazing ❤️🙏🏾

Tarie February 07, 2021

I’m so happy you created this forum to get feedback! It’s very important for brands to hear and listen to customer feedback and I wished more clothing brands did that (hint hint HouseofCb~ all shade intended).

That being said, I really love your clothing and accessories! I bought my first item last year for my graduation. It was a beautiful midi body-hugging dress and exactly the vibe I wanted for what turned out to be a virtual ceremony. I’ve wanted to patronize your business more since then but hesitated for a few reasons. One being your sizing and This is an issue I have with a lot of UK-based brands too, so it might be something out of your control. UK sizing runs quite small. I’m a US 12/14 depending on the cut of the dress, but UK sizing places me as a 16, which is fine. The issue I ran into with the dress I bought was that there was zero room for adjustments. There was no stretch anywhere except the arms and the proportions were a little off. I’m a very busty woman (38G cup) and I have a bubble butt. I found with your dress that even though I could zip it up, I could barely bend/sit because the hip area was quite snug and the bust are was too lose. If the material had a little bit of stretch, sitting would’ve been no problem.
Secondly, I don’t know what other busty women experience, but I found a lot of your tops are not suited for bustier girls. I absolutely love and adore your strapless corsets. I really wanted to get one but I know that style will not give my girls enough coverage or support and is designed to be worn without a bra. Busty girls want to show off their shoulders too and go braless once in a while, and right now, the fashion industry does not make room for us. I love that you include plus size models in your marketing. I think this is a mistake many brands make- assuming that bigger size range is the same as curve-inclusive styling. It’s not. Simple tweaks in the structure, material, and styling of clothing can transform a piece of clothing into something that will suit almost every body shape/proportion.
Third, I swear I’m almost done! I think you ladies have a good variety of styles to start with, but if a first time buyer chooses to return for more, the style and pattern options may be limited. I love that one style could come in various colours and patterns that will suit a variety of skin tones- please continue that if you can! But maybe include more monochromatic colour schemes for the people that might be looking for something simpler that could work for multiple occasions.
Lastly, and on a brighter note- I LOVE YOUR SCARVES! I haven’t bought them yet lol, simply because I live in Canada and conversion, shipping & duties are a pain! But also because I can’t decide what colour I want because I WANT THEM ALL. The hues, tones, brightness, I love them all! I think it would be cool if you maybe make packs of 2/3 sets of scarves at a discounted price, to make them an easier purchase and encourage purchase of multiples. If you did that, I’d probably buy 2 sets honestly. Those colours are hard to find and they work great on deeper/darker skin tones.
That’s all ladies! Thank you for giving me the space to talk your ears off. Keep doing what you do- it’s amazing- you’re both amazing!

Danny February 07, 2021

Hi ladies!
I’ve bought a few pieces from you over the last 2 years. Recent purchase was the Africa map sweater, a maxi dress and a few kimonos. I love it all, the quality has improved a lot since my first purchase and I love that Grassfields always try to accommodate with replenishing stock. Sadly, getting a response from customer service isnt the best but you do respond eventually. With purchases it would be good to know which African country the item is made from or inspired by because they are a statement piece and stir a lot of conversations. Well done ladies !

Barbara February 07, 2021

Hi ladies!
I’ve bought a few pieces from you over the last 2 years. Recent purchase was the Africa map sweater, a maxi dress and a few kimonos. I love it all, the quality has improved a lot since my first purchase and I love that Grassfields always try to accommodate with replenishing stock. Sadly, getting a response from customer service isnt the best but you do respond eventually. With purchases it would be good to know which African country the item is made from or inspired by because they are a statement piece and stir a lot of conversations. Well done ladies !

Barbara February 07, 2021

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