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  • Posted on by Kat

    I’ve been a customer since 2015 and love your clothes… when they fit. Sizing has always been and issue as it isn’t consistent. This wouldn’t be such an issue if returns weren’t so difficult. Shipping is expensive already and then to ship back at your expense is such an ordeal. I order significantly less because of the chance the items won’t fit. Also really miss all the beautiful skirts you guys used to make, which I see les and less of. Service has also been very hit or miss…. every time there’s a big sale there’s issues with site crashing, fulfillment etc. I think more people would be understanding if there were prompt, accurate responses to their emails. As I work in customer service for a long time it’s unacceptable for such slow response. You guys have the tools, use them. In this age of social media it’s understandable people see posts for new sales and items and are upset you are posting and not answering emails. Those are two different departments I’m sure but perception is everything

  • Posted on by B

    I love your brand and what you are doing. The patterns are beautiful. However, I am taller than your models. This has shied me away from purchasing anything. On top of that I’m thin. I don’t want to have to buy a “bigger size” just for it to be long enough. Bigger diversity in sizing, lengths, and rises would be great.
    (Honestly this is why I don’t buy from a majority of businesses.)
    Thank you for letting us leave comments on your business.

  • Posted on by Rebekah

    First of all, I love all of your products! The few things I have ordered, are good quality and true to size.
    My issue is with your delivery service. My last order took nearly 3 weeks to arrive, with little to no communication. Improving on your customer service, would be an advantage to your business and customer experience.
    You also do not offer exchanges/refunds for sale items, which I think is a bit of a shame. This makes it difficult if customers are not happy with an item, alongside your return service being a longer than necessary process.
    It would also be beneficial if you offered a free returns service. It is a bit of a hassle if I want to return something, so people may just end up keeping an item they are not happy with. By offering a free return service you are more likely to have repeat custom.

  • Posted on by Angel

    Thank you for continuing to make stunning clothing that powerfully represents the pride and beauty of our culture. Your commitment to producing quality fashion is admirable. Is there any chance that you will bring back the pants with the wide ruffle that looks like a peplum in the front and extends down the length of the leg? I can’t find the name, but the material was black and white with red designs throughout. Thank you for considering. :)

  • Posted on by Olga

    I’m a regular browser and have purchased a few pieces. The prints and the styles is what draws me in every time😃. One thing I think would be a great improvement would be to offer trousers in varying lengths. While I can wear the wide leg trousers I purchased, I’d need to wear them much lower than my waist for them to hit the floor when wearing flats.

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