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  • Posted on by LEJON HUFF

    I have been a loyal purchaser for many years. I love the bold and beautiful fabrics that you use in your designs. My only criticism, as fellow designer/seamstress is the that your sewing/construction needs improvement, and the designs for the last year have not been figure flattering. I hope this helps.

  • Posted on by Judite

    Hi has you know am massive fan of your website and always promoting your store to every media platform I know. First and foremost, would like to say thank you for such honour in have a plum wrap top in my name. Don’t know if you have other Judite as customer but I felt very honoured. Will buy it to have on my very extended African print collection from you guys.
    Second, just have a little request, in the Africa map that you do, could you please include the Sao Tomè and Principe island? It’s a very small island under the belly and under the equator line, beautiful place and where I am from( well I have born in Portugal but all my background is from there). Third and last, I think you could create some small gratifications for your loyal customer, e.g loyalty cards, give some discounts of next order, a head wrap when spending a certain amount, etc. For payments, have you think about in joint platform with easy payments such as, Clearpay, Klarna, Laybuy or even now PayPal in 3? This will encourage more customers to spend more safely in your website.
    Keep doing the great job that you guys know how.
    All love from your devoted fan and customer.

  • Posted on by Tracey Marshall

    Love your designs! Love the story of how you started your business.
    My only wish is that some of your shirt dresses be longer and maybe more fitted. The oversized look isn’t flattering to every body.
    Wishing you continued success!

  • Posted on by Eme

    I LOVE your POSITIVE and inclusive apparel for all women! Not only this, but also your AWESOME usage of colors and patterns! Thank you!

  • Posted on by Isabelle

    I love your clothings they are sooooo beautiful !!! I would love to see you guys produce tunics for women in both midi length and in a long length as well, to the ankles.

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