How To Prepare For Black Friday


Those of you who follow us on Instagram will have seen that we're already gearing up for Black Friday. That is because this Black Friday, we are going big! Like... you-ain't-seen-nothing-yet kinda big. Fixed discount across the ENTIRE WEBSITE big. 

We've had the most incredible year, and that is thanks to all of you - our amazing, dedicated customers and the consistent support you have given us! Whether you buy from every weekly collection, or comment on all our Instagram photos, we see you and we love you!

This support has meant that we've been able to expand the majority of our production to Africa this year - we now produce a huge 90% of our garments in the motherland!! This is phenomenal, and an absolute dream for us! We've created almost 2000 jobs for the hard-working seamstresses and production employees that we've hired, and we will forever be grateful that we are able to give back in this way.

This spirit of giving back is exactly why we're going so big for Black Friday - it's our chance to say thank you, thank you, thank you, and give you the ultimate premium collection at a huge discount. We've worked so hard on this and can't wait to reveal more, but we know you're going to love it! But for now, here are our top ways to prepare for Black Friday.

1) Follow us on social media 

Keeping a close eye on our Instagram will mean that you're the first to see our new collections, and can make a mental note of what you'll want to purchase on the day. This means you won't be scrolling through the website trying to decide between two dresses while someone else is buying all the stock! You want it? Go get it girl, you deserve it!

2) Subscribe to our emails

In a similar realm, it's super helpful to subscribe to our emails, as you'll get notifications sent to your inbox with exclusive details, information that you might miss on Instagram (ahem, thank you algorithm!), and updates of the items we've leaked so far. 

3) Add your fave pieces to your basket

Gear up by looking at the items you like the most and perhaps adding a few to your basket already! That way when it comes to the 29th November, you just need to add some of the new items and can checkout with ease!

4) Meditate

Whew, chile! All these new pieces and crazy discount is getting a little much! Take a breather and don't let yourself get caught up in how wild Black Friday can get. Ok yes, this is a one-time-only opportunity to get our clothes at such a low cost but stay calm. We'll get through this!

See you on November 29th at midnight GMT!




  • Posted on by Jas

    Black Friday actually signifies the one time most retailers make enough sales to put them in the black for the year.

  • Posted on by Stormy

    KHADIJAH, you are wrong on your history of Black Friday. Just because it has the word “Black” attached to the phrase, doesn’t mean it has to do with selling of Africans/Blacks (slaves). Black friday came about for the beginning of shopping for xmas and the chaos that came from it… If people and Black ppl due more research and talk to ppl that doesn’t look like them majority of time you will learn more about ppl culture, hardship and beliefs etc.. No, one should celebrate Thanksgiving or these other pagan holidays but you all do & non of it is Christian base but from other gods…. Stop thinking everything is based or built around Black ppl… Don’t put this label on is…

  • Posted on by Nats

    Will you be offering next day delivery during the sale period?


  • Posted on by Khadijah

    As an African international business you need to be careful what you project. If you research the history of BLACK FRIDAY in the US and you realise how much this concept is steeped in Racism towards African people and how much it is part of a White Supremacist business culture you would think twice in copying this negative tradition. Please, learn from history!

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