Let's be honest about COVID


This is a long overdue post as we are nearing our 8th anniversary, we thought it would be important to share how things have been for us during the pandemic. To be totally honest, it has felt like watching something we had worked so hard to build, slip away slowly, with very little power to stop it! We have felt helpless at some points, but our spirit told us to not give up.

In September, we had to say goodbye to our factory in Cameroon. Our hearts ached knowing just how much we had built there; a community, a family full of talented people. People just like us, people we wanted to nurture. When the pandemic first hit, our staff were forced to isolate as their safety was our main concern but none of us imagined just how bad this situation would be. 

We tried and tried, but it just became too difficult to operate from Cameroon. Airlines were shutdown, leaving our cargo stranded in the country for months. We also had to cover the costs of the wages for our staff as there was no government support available. By September, we sadly had to make the decision to cease all operations in our homeland. At this point I had one of those 'what do I do now?' moments, this factory was our beginning, our home, where some of our seamstresses and tailors made our first ever garments! Right now, our clothes are being produced in Nigeria, but we are hoping that one day soon, Grass-fields can return home.

It would mean a lot to us if you could share our pieces with your family and friends, and continue to support us because the more we grow, the more we can invest back in communities back home. 


  • Posted on by Cydelle aka Comfort

    I’m very sorry to read of such hard times. This pandemic has been cruel to us all and impacted lives and businesses in ways we never envisioned.

    I have been a Grassfield’s customer since the beginning and every single time I wear your garments, I’m asked where they’re from and increasingly, people tell me “Grassfileds!” before I even answer because they have come to recognise you are my favourite brand.

    I commend you all for building back home, for keeping multiple economies going and for persevering with your dreams and goals. We’ve got you – it’s challenging, but keep going 🖤

  • Posted on by Sarah

    I get so many compliments on my dress and will continue to share in faith that you will make it through and thrive again.

  • Posted on by Louise A

    Please please do not give up hope, trust and believe the clothing line will continue…they’re too beautiful not too! I have booked my festivals and will be rocking every kaftan and shorts I’ve brought so people will have no choice but to ask where they are from!!

    Keep strong x

  • Posted on by Taz

    I purchased my first ever garments from Grass-Fields a little over a week ago. 3 Kaftans(including two limited editions) and a head wrap. It was a bit expensive but I had a little extra money and knew that my money was going to a great cause: to keep people working and a Black-owned business running. I support you 100% and pray that you will weather this storm intact. I believe you will because you make quality products.

  • Posted on by Martine

    Désolé d’entendre ça. Il y a un dicton quand une porte s’ouvre, une autre s’ouvre. Dieu est de votre côté et fournira toujours. En tant que Camerounais fier, je comprends et applaudis vos stratégies d’affaires et je continuerai à acheter nos merveilleux et authentiques vêtements africains chez vous. Le printemps et l’été approchent. Il est temps de faire le plein de vêtements Grass-Fields

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