Meet Leanne


Meeting Leanne recently was pretty emotional for us as it reminded us what a long journey we've been on. We've started to touch on it a little in our Monday Motivation posts but this styling session took me back to three years ago when Michele and I would quite literally eat, sleep and breathe Grass-Fields. 

I won't go into too much detail here (you'll have to wait until Monday for that!), but as some of you will know Michele and I started out selling Grass-Fields on Etsy. Whilst over time we managed to get ourselves into a routine, during its first year the business we now have could only be described as a hobby. It was a really emotional rollercoaster for us, so hearing that the lovely Leanne has been following us and buying from Grass-Fields from back in our Etsy days literally brought tears to my eyes!

Watch Leanne's interview below :)

Leanne is wearing the Royal Top, available here.

If you'd like to be invited along to a styling session in London and go home with a Grass-Fields goody bag, leave a comment below!


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