Meeting one of our wonderful customers

We recently had the pleasure of meeting one of our long time customers, the lovely Cheryl. She came down to our studio to have a sneak peak at some of the new arrivals and give us a quick interview about how she likes to wear her Grass-Fields pieces!

Take a look at the interview below, doesn't she look stunning in our limited edition Baako Top?!


If you'd be interested in being invited along to be styled by us and take home a Grass-Fields goody bag then leave a comment below. 


Hello ladies! I love your brand- from the fabrics you choose to the wonderful styles that give life to the patterns! I’m a big fan of your headwraps!
I’d love to be styled by you. Fingers crossed that you pick me please xxx

Lynn Morris-Akinyemi October 24, 2016

I wore one of your dresses to a board meeting. I’m the only person of color on the executive board and feel pressured to always look perfect. The staff at the country club couldn’t keep their eyes off of me and one of the board members said " Meryl, your outfit is breathtaking. You looked like a Princess floating across the room". Thank-you Grass Fields!

Meryl HUMPHREY October 20, 2016

I absolutely love your clothing line. Everything is so unique and bright. Your clothes gives the wearer the feeling of exclusivity while being sexy and sophisticated. I love, love, love grass fields!!!

Ricorah Wanzo October 19, 2016

I love, love, love your fashion style, the uplifting colors. Your clothing line is so complimentary to “all of me”.

thank you.

Barbara Young October 19, 2016

It would be a dream to be styled and invited to meet the women who empower so many women that you don’t have to be naked to feel sexy. Your clothing line is breath taking and embodies everything a women needs.

Kenya Sentino October 19, 2016

Your clothing line is so complimentary to those of us who are curvy. The amount of compliments and who they come from is almost overwhelming. When i wear 1 of your skirts out anywhere (grocery shopping, doctor appointment etc), I always see a head turn and then a smile.

Melanie Mowery October 19, 2016

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