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Danielle Westcarr-York a candle enthusiast founded Nicole Jourdan London (NJL) in 2020. She started her joinery as an entrepreneur while being an MBACP Integrative Counsellor which promotes positive mental health and wellbeing. As a counsellor mental health is always at the forefront of what she does and learnt that creating the right atmosphere, environment and ambience can be an affirmative contribution to healing, self-reflection and self-care.

NJL is a fulfilling business as it combines Danielle’s knowledge of personal growth and mindfulness with light and scent. NJL is hand-poured, luxury candles, that are gender-neutral, stylish and environmentally friendly.

Danielle's deep love of craft, science and inane appreciation for transforming environments NJL has a holistic approach and positive affirmations instilled in its brand to separate themselves from competitors to not only make them candles but a healing experience.

One of the biggest lessons Danielle learned from NJL is the need for support. She said, “ Despite the determination, it can be a challenge to have all the different hats on; Product Creator, Social Media and Content Creator, Accounts & Expenditure Lead, Business Networker, the list is long. But before, any business takes flight you have to put the work in and sometimes sacrifice, the little time you have to push through. Though I am the sole founder, I am fortunate to have a “silent team“ my family who are often sounding boards for ideas, challenges, and growing success.” Having this support reassures her of why she started NJL and to keep going.

In developing NJL Danielle says the longest part was deciding on the aesthetics of the brand and ensuring that  NJL fit the legal requirements, as the UK exiting the EU.

She said “it took her 6 months to go from a hoody to a business, as a start-up business, I am not in the land of profit as yet but not far off which is positive too. Sourcing equipment and materials during COVID-19 was a little challenging at times, which resulted in having to spend more. That side, Nicole Jourdan London is my second business, so I had prior knowledge to what Year 1 presents in business as you make a name for yourself and develop a fan base that people trust in your brand.”

In the future, Danielle sees NJL in high street stores and the homes of many individuals as they create their own tranquil and intermit spaces with Nicole Jourdan London products.


  • Posted on by Chrystal

    This woman is a true inspiration- she has developed a fantastic product which is affordable. Over the years, I’ve bought many candles but these are by far the best. I also love that this dedicated woman is a small business owner – with big dreams!

  • Posted on by Mimi
    She is an inspirational business woman
  • Posted on by Leon
    A great post and fantastic to see and hear about a female entrepreneur assessing and taking the risks that will and are bringing organisational success. I love the products and we keep the house well stocked to create our own inner wellbeing & tranquility and they make great presents. Keep up the good work NJL.

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