Omarosa Is Joining Celebrity Big Brother And People Are Not Impressed


How can we describe Omarosa Manigault Newman? The former contestant on the 2004 season of 'The Apprentice' joined the Trump White House when she was hired as director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison.

Omarosa cuts a controversial figure. Dubbed 'Aunty Tomarosa' by Bossip, she has a 'complicated' relationship with the black community, which deteriorated further upon joining Trump's White House.



Well, after being fired in a spectacular manner - with reports claiming Omarosa had to physically removed from the White House's grounds, cursing and demanding to speak to the president. She denies this of course, and the White House released a statement claiming they agreed to her departure on January 20.

After history repeated itself, when Trump once again sent Maginault on her merry way, it seems she is set to make a return to  reality TV. No, not another iteration of 'The Apprentice' - which she has been on three times in some form, as well as a dating show she devised with Trump called 'The Ultimate Merger' (yes, it's really called that).

Omarosa is going to enter CBS's 'Celebrity Big Brother', and after promising a tell-all book about her time in the White House on Good Morning America after she was kicked to curb of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, rumor is she's being offered $500,000 if she stays the course.

Unsurprisingly, people are not impressed.






And the jokes came thick and fast





And of course a lot of people made the same observation




It seems the 'Fire and Fury' of the Trump White House was as dramatic and filled with backstabbing as any reality show.



Will Omarosa stay the course in the Celebrity Big Brother House? Or will the public make like Trump and kick her out?

Let us know on Twitter and in the comments below. 

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