How it's Made: The African Maps


Autumn has begun. The air is crisper, the leaves are transforming from lush greens to beautiful shades of burnt orange and yellow. It's the season for all things cosy. Just as everyone rushes to add pumpkin spice to everything, Grass-Fields customers rush to the website in search of the much-coveted Africa Map sweatshirts.

From the day we announced pre-orders, the Africa Map sweatshirts have been the talk of the Grass-Fields social media sphere. We enjoyed hearing about your desire to grow your collection by adding more colours. Our hearts grew fuzzy when we read that you were purchasing sweatshirts for loved ones, we love a cheerful giver.


We quickly got to work to ensure that all pre-orders will be fulfilled within two weeks of ordering, we are excited to ship the first batch of sweatshirts on 21 October.

Our Nottingham studio is bustling with the sweet sounds of cutting and sewing machines as our team of dedicated seamstresses work in unison to fulfil every order.

As a first step, the patterned fabrics are laid out on the worktable. It is important to note that this process very eco-friendly. We use leftover fabric that would have instead been thrown away and thus created more waste. This allows us to do our small part in the global fight against global warming. Once all the patterned fabrics are laid out, they are cut into square pieces.




The square pieces are then sewn together into strips. The results are big rolls of patchwork fabrics that create the base for the maps.

African maps are then drawn onto the new patchwork fabric using the stencils. They are neatly cut around and voila! The maps are then ready to be sewn on the sweatshirts.
This year, the sweatshirts are available in eight (8) beautiful and bright colours. Colours that help the African maps stand out with boldness.

We asked some of you on Instagram to share your favourite features about the Africa Map sweatshirts. The overwhelming majority shared that the sweatshirts make them feel proud to be African. We couldn't be prouder to hear that. That is our mission; to share African pride and joy with the world.

Let us know in the comments below which colour you are most looking forward to. One lucky winner will get theirs gifted.



  • Posted on by Mari Williams

    Happy New Year! I’ve seen your sweatshirts twice, and I would love one! They all.seem to be sold out, except the crop tops, and I’m far too seasoned for a crop top . Lol. Will you be making more sweatshirts in the very near future?

    I eager await your reply!

  • Posted on by Tee tee

    Got mine in Green and I love it . . . .the Size M has plenty of room (usually a size L/14)
    The only problem is to decided which colour to buy next !

  • Posted on by Antoinette Greene

    I received my burgundy one in the mail and it is stunning! I can’t wait to order a black or gray one in a smaller size!

  • Posted on by Evangela Dillard

    I ordered items over 30 days ago and never received the order.. I requested for refund not a credit because I will not support this company.. I would not recommend this company for business.

  • Posted on by Melissa

    Hello there! I love these dresses they are absolutely stunning and beautiful! I am in Nigeria. Is there a way I can order them from Nigeria? It would be so much easier and I can ensure to receive them. Thank you so much!

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