• Headwraps Must Haves

    Headwraps Must Haves
    Headwraps go far back in time, our mothers, grandmothers even great great great grandmothers all wore them at one time. Depending on what part of the world your from head wraps had a deeper mean than style. Although some traditions may seem lost today, many people were head wraps for many different reasons; but most importantly all of the reasons are based on personal choice. ...
  • Black Girls Series: Don't Touch My Hair

    Black Girls Series: Don't Touch My Hair
    I think we can all remember a time when we didn't love our hair. We are defined by society what type of black person we are based on our hairstyle and placed in a box that may not even define us. Although, how black hair is viewed in society has changed does that mean it has changed how black women se their hair?  The feeling...
  • 10 Gorgeous Black Owned Beauty Brands

    10 Gorgeous Black Owned Beauty Brands
    We're making it our mission to help and highlight other black owned businesses to show the world what gifts they have to offer. This week, we're kicking off with ten black owned beauty brands that we love and know you will too. 
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