• Storytime: Our First Viral Picture

    Storytime: Our First Viral Picture
    Our first ever viral post came from our first photoshoot, and was a stunning dress that I had the honour of wearing. We used a dashiki print in the creation of this design, which was very popular at the time. I remember going to the market every day looking for the right fabric, but with no luck. One day, whilst we were driving away...
  • A Day at the Office

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    A Day at the Office
    Working at Grass-fields is truly a dream come true. Through our mission to create the best African clothing brand, we have found purpose in our lives and brought opportunities and hope to others. With such a large-scale vision, we usually work every day including weekends. The glorious thing is that it doesn’t even feel like work anymore, rather a calling. I personally work from...
  • Our First Ever Photoshoot

    Our First Ever Photoshoot
    Grass-Fields wasn’t always the big player in fashion that you see today, with almost 1 million followers on Instagram and celebrity customers! It took a lot of hard work to grow our brand enough to have professional photographers and top-tier models. Let me take you back to the humble beginnings of our first ever photoshoot! I returned to Cameroon from the UK after completing...
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