• A Day Shooting Outside Content with Jerri and Gina

    A Day Shooting Outside Content with Jerri and Gina
    Outdoor content is our favourite! There are a number of reasons why we love shooting outside so much. We get to breathe fresh air, interact with people on the street, and experience different scenery - a much welcomed break from the studio!     On this day, we started around 9am. The girls had their makeup done at the office and then we drove to...
  • Storytime: Our First Viral Picture

    Storytime: Our First Viral Picture
    Our first ever viral post came from our first photoshoot, and was a stunning dress that I had the honour of wearing. We used a dashiki print in the creation of this design, which was very popular at the time. I remember going to the market every day looking for the right fabric, but with no luck. One day, whilst we were driving away...
  • A Day at the Office

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    A Day at the Office
    Working at Grass-fields is truly a dream come true. Through our mission to create the best African clothing brand, we have found purpose in our lives and brought opportunities and hope to others. With such a large-scale vision, we usually work every day including weekends. The glorious thing is that it doesn’t even feel like work anymore, rather a calling. I personally work from...
  • Our First Ever Photoshoot

    Our First Ever Photoshoot
    Grass-Fields wasn’t always the big player in fashion that you see today, with almost 1 million followers on Instagram and celebrity customers! It took a lot of hard work to grow our brand enough to have professional photographers and top-tier models. Let me take you back to the humble beginnings of our first ever photoshoot! I returned to Cameroon from the UK after completing...
  • Revealing our truth, this is our story

    Revealing our truth, this is our story
      We’re sharing our true story to celebrate the 8th anniversary of Grass-fields! This is the first chapter. Be sure to share this post with your friends and family so they can be part of the journey too! The year was 1996. The place was Yaoundé, Cameroon. Georgette Nkoma, the Cameroonian sprinter had just won gold at the African championships. As the finish line tape dropped...

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    Not a day goes by without our customer-service team fielding inquiries from non-black potential customers asking if they can wear Grass-Fields. 
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