• A Day Shooting Outside Content with Jerri and Gina

    A Day Shooting Outside Content with Jerri and Gina
    Outdoor content is our favourite! There are a number of reasons why we love shooting outside so much. We get to breathe fresh air, interact with people on the street, and experience different scenery - a much welcomed break from the studio!     On this day, we started around 9am. The girls had their makeup done at the office and then we drove to...
  • Our First Ever Photoshoot

    Our First Ever Photoshoot
    Grass-Fields wasn’t always the big player in fashion that you see today, with almost 1 million followers on Instagram and celebrity customers! It took a lot of hard work to grow our brand enough to have professional photographers and top-tier models. Let me take you back to the humble beginnings of our first ever photoshoot! I returned to Cameroon from the UK after completing...
  • BTS: Shooting New Arrivals

    BTS: Shooting New Arrivals
    We go behind-the-scenes at the photoshoot for our new collection. Fun, food, and fashion - come take a peek!
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