Meet Tionne Young, the women behind Tall HQ, a 27 year old from Birmingham in the U.K. Who is a mother to a five year old little girl, a mindset coach,  a multi-business owner and a university student studying fashion business and promotion. 

Tionna started her business Tall HQ in the very first lockdown, she came up with the concept and the idea and where she wanted her brand to be. She officially launched her first collection on May 16th 2021 and the dream of being a fashion designer with her own brand since she was a little girl was made.

She decided to become a business owner because she felt she had always been a good leader, and wanted to work for herself. Especially being a mother being a business owner works well for her life dynamic also. For Tionna, being a business owner allows her to express her creative side without having to adhere to someone’s else’s rules. She loves challenges and owning a business brings challenges every day, it really pushes her out of her comfort zone. She says "the feeling of the unknown/ fear I use those  emotions  to fuel me to keep on striving and to keep on going."

Tall Hq is one of its kinds, they have limited competition in the niche that caters exclusively to tall women. Tionna says there are numerous small businesses which cater for tall women but not in the premium / luxury market. She feels that she has carved out a section of the pie for herself by niching into tall then niching down again to bring tall luxury. I feel in life the only competition you have is yourself, the person you was the day before as long as you stay in your lane and excel in what you have set out to do then it is a win, win. 

The unique element of her brand is that it for tall women and it is an attainable luxury brand that has never been done before. The brand is made by a tall women who is 5’11 which bring the element of love because she really knows what her customers are feeling. She quotes, "I know the pain point because I have the same emotions. I wanted luxury because I have always adored luxury items the quality of them the unique designs ect but they never fitted. So I was like right I am going to make my own."

As a small start-up business, she haven’t yet seen the fruits of my labour in the sense of profit, but she is still in the working progress stage. She quotes "I don’t want anyone who is reading this to think that you are "boom!" straight away, you are not, it is always a working progress. It took me a year to fully start my business, that includes planning,  designing, making and launching." 

Starting a business in a worldwide pandemic is success within itself and so far that is my greatest achievement!

Tionna sees her business in the future being a household name in the tall community! She also see huge growth and expansion to have more elements to Tall Hq not just clothes but also footwear. She sees Tall Hq having concessions in luxury department stores so women can also have a physical experience also. 

The biggest lesson she has learned from starting a business is that is okay to make mistakes because those mistakes teach you lessons and without the lessons you cannot grow as a business nor a business owner.

Tall Hq is an attainable womenswear brand with a luxury aesthetic for tall beautiful women. They are passionate about encouraging women to embody their opulence, femininity and confidence within their extended silhouette. They are more than just a brand they are a lifestyle.  

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