The Fond Home


Meet Megan the proud founder of The Fond Home launched in May 2020. The Fond Home is an e-commerce shop for home decor that loves textures and neutral colours that represent the earth. Megan started The Fond Home after watching her mom struggle to raise her family, she knew there had to be more she can get out of her life. Megan has always been called creative growing up and had great ideas. Starting a home decor shop felt natural to her and it won't end here, she’s building her legacy.

The Fond Home is different as there aren’t many Black women who own well-known decor boutiques. Megan said, “ I discover so many Black interior designers every day and I just know that there's a market for Black-owned decor shops that are not traditional glam styles or what we're used to seeing in our grandma living rooms in the 90s and The Fond Home bridged that gap. Having the business only 1-year-old, so far there's still so much to learn and test out. Megan has been laser-focused to get things done and in 4 months or so she was able to fully launch. She says “I’m not perfect and neither is The Fond Home but we also don’t try to be. I’d rather go for real and I hope our customers can see that.”

So far Megan is astonished by the recognition received in one year. Sometimes she forgets how far The Fond Home has come and have to be reminded by her loved ones. She is forever grateful and will continue to set the bar high.

The biggest lesson Megan has learned is not every opportunity is the right opportunity, she has had to turndown house hols makes because it did not aline with her company values. Megan is keeping the future plans a secret, just stick around for the ride!

To find out more about The Fond Home please check them out on IG @thefondhome and their website

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