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Vicky takes us on a memorable trip to Ghana, a country located in the heart of West Africa, known for its colourful culture, diverse wildlife, and lots of sandy beaches along a picturesque coast, and natural scenic landscape.

The celebrated country is one of the most accessible and vibrant countries on the African continent. In Ghana you get to experience part of history and culture in West Africa. A visit to Ghana would not be complete without sightseeing or doing some of the attractive outdoor activities in Accra and Kumasi.

  • Exploring the incredible markets

By exploring the Ghanaian markets, you immerse yourself into the local culture. Getting clothes and art pieces made by local artisans; you get the opportunity to witness Ghanaian’s hospitality. Visit Kumasi’s own Kejetia Market and the world famous Makolo Market in Accra.

  • Having a swell beach time

Along the coastline, there are many beautiful beaches; some of the best beaches include Labadi Pleasure Beach, a very popular beach in the country’s capital, Accra. There you can enjoy horseback rides, live band music and night time parties.

Another is Busua Beach Resort, perfect for a family Vacay or getaway. Busua Beach Resort has a very beautiful bonfire and an amazingly decorated beachfront with thatched roof.

Bojo Beach is another popular tourist beach in Accra, Ghana; it is a great place for someone who wishes to relax by the sea. It is also known as the intimate beach. To get to this magical beach you have to cross the Densu River by canoe, which makes it even more special.

  • Visit Historical Sites

Places of Historical significance hold a lot of interesting tales behind them. There are stories of survival, slave trade and ingenuity. The Ghanaian government has done well in preserving these historic monuments and relics. Historical places to visit in Ghana include the Black Star Gate, The Asante Kingdom, Jamestown Lighthouse, and Cape Coast Castle amongst others.

  • Take a walk around a Garden

Ghana has some lush forests, beautiful parks and gardens, Vicky shows us how you can escape to a green calm atmosphere under shades of trees. One very notable garden is the Aburi Botanical Gardens, featuring beautiful allies adorned with trees and flowers. Enjoy the natural environment by taking a walk around, it is also a great location for some cozy pictures and a wonderful place to relax. Some other notable botanical gardens are Legon Botanical Gardens & Playground and Efua Sutherland Children’s Park. Hope you enjoyed these highlights, if you would like to see more of Ghana, check out Vicky’s adventures!

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