WATCH: This Girl Tried To Get Her Natural Hair Done In China And It Didn't Go So Well


Black hair is precious. We don't have to tell you the sheer pride and joy that can come from styling your hair into so many different looks, or simply wearing out, free, as nature intended. Not everyone understands the complexities of naturally curly hair

Getting your hair done is a big deal, and it has to be done right, correctly, and with respect to make sure it does not end up damaged. However, this American girl got more than she bargained for when she went to a salon in China.


This is Maryjane Byarm, a 22 year old American vlogger who lives in Shanghai. On her YouTube channel she loves to talk about her travels through East Asia, her life in Shanghai, and share hair and beauty tips.

Last October, she decided to share her experience of getting her hair done in a salon in China. In the video description, Maryjane said "I thought I would see what a Chinese hair salon could do with my head top. Uhhhhhhhh yeah It didn't go so well."

The New Jersey native told her subscribers "he was ripping my hair out, he didn't know how to brush it, and the heat tools weren't hot enough to straighten out my hair." Sounds painful!

She did add, however, that even some salons in America struggled to do her hair. The video went viral, and people started sharing their opinions on her ordeal.

Watch the full video below:

Ouch. Luckily, Maryjane has a good sense of humor, and took it all lightly, even sharing her interview with Allure magazine.



Keep shining Maryjane! We're glad one bad experience hasn't killed her adventurous spirit!

Do you have any natural hair horror stories? Or maybe you want to share some techniques and style tips you have.

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