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Our absolute fav Jackie @jetsetterjackie is giving us her take on Zanzibar. So if you have been thinking of your next getaway look no further! Zanzibar is an archipelago of four islands in the Indian Ocean just off the coast of Tanzania in East Africa. The ocean view and sophisticated accommodations makes Zanzibar worthy of any getaway. For nature lovers, this is the best place to feel the sea breeze, hear the rustle of palm leaves, and a destination just to feel free and unwind. 

Zanzibar has an interesting mix of African and Arabian culture. One very unique name Zanzibar is called, is ‘Spice Island’, because Zanzibar is a major source of spices like cinnamon, turmeric, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, and black pepper. In the past, for centuries, Arabs started large spice plantations, which at that time made Zanzibar the biggest exporter of cloves and earned the nickname ‘Spice Island’. Till date Zanzibar is still renowned for its spices.

Why you should visit Zanzibar?

  • For The Perfect Tropical Escape from the World:

Zanzibar is surrounded by white sandy beaches with clear turquoise blue water, a marvelling and compelling blue sky. There you have your choice to choose among the several mesmerizing beaches for a swell time. Some of the great Zanzibar beaches includes: Stone Town, Paje, Pongwe, Nungwi amongst others.

  • Explore the Unique Culture and History:

Zanzibar has rich histories, spice farms, and there’s a mix of Arabic and East African Swahili in its culture, which is also distinct in Zanzibar’s architecture. Its history was influenced by the Arabs, Indians, Persians, Portuguese, British, and the African Mainland. And Swahili is the principal language spoken in Zanzibar.

  • Have that Wild life Experience:

Zanzibar is home to unique species of red Colobus monkey, Zanzibar leopard, abundant tropical fish species, sea grasses and coral reefs. You can pay a visit to the amazing wildlife safaris and check out the Colobus and other species of monkeys and as well as other wildlife. From nesting turtles to bottlenose dolphins, this amazing place keeps calling us all over.

  • Just For The Food:

Zanzibar’s cuisines are just too exciting. And dining in the spice island is everything. Zanzibar’s cuisine are a mixture of East African, Chinese, Arabian, and Indian influences. You will find dishes from other islands like Seychelles, along with other mouth-watering dishes.

Zanzibar has a perfect view of the Indian Ocean, imagining a vacation there is just too magical to miss. There are places to explore and discover, history and culture to learn from, ways to wander, and spots to dine.

Don’t miss an ultimate tropical escape to Zanzibar!

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  • Posted on by Dorothy Odoms
    I really enjoyed hearing about Zanzibar…I’m now thinking about taking a vacation to Zanzibar… just hearing about the Rich Culture and the GOOD FOOD is enough to wet my appetite. THANK YOU. MS. JETSETTER JACKIE….. FOR SHARING.

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