• Nicole Jourdan London - The Healing Scents

    Nicole Jourdan London - The Healing Scents
    Danielle Westcarr-York a candle enthusiast founded Nicole Jourdan London (NJL) in 2020. She started her joinery as an entrepreneur while being an MBACP Integrative Counsellor which promotes positive mental health and wellbeing. As a counsellor mental health is always at the forefront of what she does and learnt that creating the right atmosphere, environment and ambience can be an affirmative contribution to healing, self-reflection...
  • Black Friday

    Black Friday
    1) REFER & SAVE! If you don't read everything else read this hahaha! We have 20+ new arrivals coming this Black Friday! This Black Friday sale will be up to 70% off the entire website.*Excluding the Party Collection* To get an extra 15% off just simply share YOUR referral link.How to get your reward: Follow this link to get your referral link 1 referral purchase = 5% extra 5...
  • Not Your Average Sundae

    Not Your Average Sundae
    Afrosundae was founded in 2019 by Sanelisiwe Igboanugo. It started from her own natural hair journey and the frustration of not finding the right product for my hair type (4c) that was really 100% natural, added the right nutrients to her hair while making it manageable to maintain and of course smelt good.  Afrosundae is a natural hair care product range infused with natural...
  • Black Girls Series: Don't Touch My Hair

    Black Girls Series: Don't Touch My Hair
    I think we can all remember a time when we didn't love our hair. We are defined by society what type of black person we are based on our hairstyle and placed in a box that may not even define us. Although, how black hair is viewed in society has changed does that mean it has changed how black women se their hair?  The feeling...

    I'm sure you've heard of Wall Street before but have you heard of Black Wall Street in London? This store located on the busy street of Camden High Street is full of black culture in every form, this business was formed just over a year ago and is growing at a rapid rate. We stopped by to have a look and speak to the...
  • The Holiday Party Collection

    The Holiday Party Collection
    Are you as excited as we are for the drop of the Holiday Party Collection? This is Grass-Fields first holiday party collection, and we have been dying for you to see it all. We have gone all out... As usual! This collection is far from any other Grass-Fields collection as we take you into the holidays with tons of eye-catching sequences and sparkles. Staying true to our...
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