• Define Who You Are. Define Who You Want To Be.

    Define Who You Are. Define Who You Want To Be.
     At Grass Fields, we want to explore new African entrepreneurs and artists, which we hope will show a different side to the beauty and the entertainment industries.  After all, you never know who’s going to be the next big thing! Kemi is a unique music artist born and raised in East London. Kemi has had some very unique experiences that brought her to music....
  • How Do You Empower An African Woman?

    How Do You Empower An African Woman?
    Interview with Entrepeneur Prisca Morse, Supertress hair extensions  "I studied finance. I worked in Finance. I hated finance. I was raised in a very traditional African family. I was taught that jobs in finance was the only way to empower yourself as a young African woman. So I took my parents advice and went to university and studied finance. Once leaving university I gained...
  • Africa Day 2017

    Africa Day 2017
    Why do we celebrate Africa Day? A riot of color, music and celebration, Africa Day (otherwise known as African Liberation Day) celebrates the first Organisation of African Unity on May 25th 1963 - later to become the African Union.It’s an incredible keystone date because it commemorates the 17 countries that gained independence from European colonisers between 1958 and 1963. It’s celebrated by millions of...
  • What Good Can Come Out Of Africa?

    What Good Can Come Out Of Africa?
    Interview with Kouassi Atta I was born and raised on the Ivory coast. I have always been an entrepreneur. However, business wasn’t always my main passion. I have always had the passion to communicate with the world. The power of language allows us to do this. The power of philosophy allows us to understand the world that little bit more. So, when I was...
  • A little help from a friend

    A little help from a friend
    The manager made me wait until 3pm to see him. I showed him our website and laid out our plans for the business. His words to me were, 'What makes you think you'd be able to pay us back? It's obvious you're just trying to scam us, get out!' I was absolutely devastated; where on earth had he got that impression of me from?
  • A bittersweet return and a crazy idea

    A bittersweet return and a crazy idea
    I had to walk to an internet cafe to speak to her online, because we couldn't afford the internet at home; so when she told me she could no longer afford to live in the UK, we sat and cried together for what felt like hours. It felt like our dreams had been shattered. How would we make enough money to support ourselves?
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