• Spotlight on Michele

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    Spotlight on Michele
    This week I had the chance to speak to Michele for the first time. Even with the 24 hours of geographical separation between us as well as the 12 hour time difference, her warm and enthusiastic voice resonated through the phone making all of this hard to believe. Michele is currently based in Australia and tells me how the Australian culture has influenced the...
  • Twins on a mission

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    Yesterday I was blessed enough to meet an inspiring, driven and talented young woman. Christelle is one half of the ‘twins on a mission’. Herself and sister Michelle have spent the last 3 years of their lives working tirelessly to set up one of the most unique and innovative fashion brands to date. Grass-fields is a collection created with love, authenticity and pride set...
  • The Truth About Memorial Day And African-Americans

    The Truth About Memorial Day And African-Americans
    As many of us spend Memorial Day with our families and friends, we thought it would be appropriate for us to remember the service of African-Americans throughout the history of the USA, as well as clear up a few misconceptions.Did African-Americans establish Memorial Day?The idea that African-Americans created what we know today as Memorial Day does have it's merits but a closer look at the facts tells us...
  • Passion is all you need!

  • Meet our Artisans/Making of Xuan Skirt

    Michelle and I  are happy we can now share with you guys how our clothing are made. Our fabrics are source in Cameroon,Nigeria and Benin and brought in our little workshop in the capital city of Cameroon, Yaoundé.   We started this brand in an effort to create clothing that last with an emphasis on how they are made and the process involve in making them from...

    How It All Began, Click here to read more
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