Lilian is a devoted wife and mum to 6 children. Born in a household of 9 girls, her father didn't think a woman's place was in school so she had to drop out just after completing her primary education in order to get ready for marriage like her other sisters before her. While waiting at home for her turn to get married, she would sneak out of the house to go and practise her sewing at a neighbour's workshop, and that’s how at the age of 16 she started sewing and hasn’t stopped sewing since. We met her 4 years ago in her own shop, as we were impressed by the craftsmanship of the dresses she displayed. She was one of the first people we took onboard to train in group production and today we are very proud of the progress she has made. We are lucky to have her as part of our team and we hope you will love all the beautiful pieces made by her.


Meet Lily, our formal neighbour :blush: in Biyem Assi ! We grew up together in the same quarter, going to the same market, attended the same primary school and played together. When we came back to Cameroon with the intention of starting a production unit, she was the first person to volunteer to join us.She was working as an apprentice seamstress in a famouse designer workshop at the time but didn't hesitate to leave her position to become part of our team. Good thing is she already knew about Grass-fields and was very excited by our vision of promoting african craftsmanship to the world.For this first Made in Cameroon production,she was responsible for the production and supervision of most the crop tops you will be wearing this summer.


His name is Eric Tchinda, one of the tailors we recruited to join our team a few months ago.He started sewing since the age of 16.Now with over 9 years experience working as a tailor, this is the only passion he has.He gets his inspiration from every day African woman like his mom and sisters. He is super proud the clothing he is making will be worn by women around the world. His dream is one day be in the same rank as famous European designers. He is super enthusiastic and love to smile

Other Makers

Garba Arouna Bah




Abdoulaye Nouba